Am I Ready For The New Year?

Maybe. Maybe not. Who’s to say?

Got three more days before 2015 transitions into 2016 at the stroke of midnight. New year, however does not mean a new me.

It does signal upcoming projects I’m part of, like being behind the scenes of community theater for the first time. Which should be fun, considering the work I’ve done on stage at the same theater.

2016 also signals something awesome, something familiar: 221B Con, which I’m super excited for. I’ve yet to buy my badge, as to when I went for the first time in 2014, I’d bought my badge a month after the con was over. I will get to it, though…

As for going out to do things other than work, I finally got to go to a movie theater at least ONCE this year — okay, only ONCE — : Star Wars: The Force Awakens was my poison, and it was awesome. I hope to be more frequent at the movie theater in the new year.

But to really answer the question, am I ready for the new year, 2016? Of course I am.

I’m always ready for a challenge, though I hope I make it through this year alive. Other than that, I can do ANYTHING in 2016. Well, not everything — sadly, I don’t have disposable income, which would be helpful in getting to do EVERYTHING I wanna do — but oh, well. I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head, plenty of food, and many avenues to access and put my thoughts and creative works.

Okay, time for me to either sleep or find something else to write about. Night — or morning — all!


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