Stroll (In My Head)

There will come a day when I finally take a stroll down the street, soak in the elements of spring. I’ve done it before, but only when I was necessary. With a gas station up the street, it’s not a problem.

There will come a time when I’ll wake early one morning, put on comfortable clothing/shoes, and make my way outside, even if it’s a short walk.

Earlier today, before making a drive to grab Mother’s Day brunch, I stood on the front stoop, the sun bearing down on my skin, my face absorbing the warmth. Reminded me of times in my childhood when I would lie on a bench, damp paper towel on my face, taking in the comfort and smells of spring. All while  my grandmother sat next to me,  smoking cigarettes with a coolness to her. I miss those times…

If there’s anything I love about being outside, it’s experiencing the breeze blowing against you ever so gently; the sun kissing your exposed skin; hearing the conversations between animals nearby and trees surrounding you. it brings peace, bliss, allows you to reflect on events past and present.

I’ll eventually take a stroll when conditions are right. When I’ve stress to relieve of myself. When I feel like it.


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