Random Blog Post (After HOW LONG?!)

No, I don’t care if I can’t think of much of anything to write. I’m gonna write, whether I like it or not.

I don’t really care if this ends up in my drafts, but I need to get back into long form blogging. Yes, it’s going to be a rather tedious process getting back into the groove of blogging, but I spend so much time on Twitter that it wouldn’t hurt to put some of that time into WordPress, or even Tumblr.

I’ve been thinking lately of making money through writing, and it wouldn’t hurt to do little odd writing jobs, even for peanuts. To be honest, I don’t have to worry about paying rent or utilities and whatnot, since I’m still living with my mom (cheaper, honestly), though recent events (which I will not disclose here) have prompted me to open the text editor in WordPress and start writing.

Because I’m not much of a writer if I’m not writing, right?

I’m gonna need to write something of substance, or at least get into telling stories about myself, or write usual blog posts about my day or my week or my processes during rehearsals when working in community theater — fret not, for there are rehearsals coming up for the local summer play fest I’ll be in! — but nothing too, too personal.

I’m not a Kard– nope, not going that far.

Writing, writing, writing. Gonna write, write, write until I don’t wanna write anymore. This is a rather soothing exercise, something that I can achieve at least once or twice a day.

As much as I appreciate writing in my notebook journal, a spiral, one-subject college-ruled notebook I acquired from a dollar store, I’ll never get used to my writing hand cramping up after long periods of writing long-hand. Some of my best ideas end up in my notebook or in Google Keep on my phone, and I get too lazy to flesh those ideas out or type them onto my laptop.

Then again, what’s the point of me having this damn thing if I’m not gonna use it for its intended purpose (aside from browsing social media or playing games on FB)?

I’d like for that to change, however; I hope to at least write fanfic dribble, even if it’s flash fiction or crack fics or some shoddily written short story that I felt like writing in the dead of night, at the crack of dawn or in the middle of the day, instead of imagining it, letting it play in my head, refusing to write it down later. So many great ideas have fallen to the wayside, packed up, hitchhiked along the Boulevard of Broken Dreams and ended up at Imagination Wasteland.

Writing this entire post is keeping me content. But one thing’s for sure: I won’t be making anymore promises in regards to future posts, because it’s clear I can’t keep them. And it’s not fair to any followers, new and recurring, to hang onto said promises while life passes by without so much as an occasional ‘HELLO! HOW YA DOIN?!” from me. While I’m well aware you all have lives — awesome lives, at that! — outside of WP, I understand it’s not fair to you as a reader subscribed to my blog.

So while I’m not getting rid of this blog, I’m done with making promises regarding my blogging schedule. If I write/publish a blog post, then so be it. If not, then I can’t predict the next time I will. I hope I remember to, but I can’t promise anything.

All in all, I hope all is well with the rest of yous, and I hope 2016, aside from being a general hellmouth of a year, is treating you with kindness and love.

And I’m not gonna bother making dinner because we’ve got leftovers; I’ll go as far as washing dishes, which will be quick. But cutting up vegetables and meat and putting it in the oven when we still have leftover pork chops and no money for takeout?


I love you all. Enjoy the rest of your day!

DeDe 😘


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