It’s Been A While…

Yes, I quoted a Staind song.

And yes, it’s been a while. Not much has happened, at least personally, since we last spoke, so no need.

I’m typing this as this week’s episode of Atlanta airs, one of a few new shows premiering this season I intend to follow up on. Atlanta (FX), as well as Queen Sugar (OWN) and Stranger Things (Netflix) have caught my attention — thanks to curiosity & the Internet — and have kept me occupied until Empire (FOX) and How To Get Away With Murder (ABC) return later this week.

In theater news, I’m being the hermit that I am until November, when rehearsals begin for IAWL. As for writing, I’m debating whether I should even dedicate November to NaNoWriMo. Maybe next year, if I don’t have something else slated to take up much of my brain at the moment. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time or I get overwhelmed, and I don’t do very well under too much pressure.

I’ll get around to writing. Eventually.

But yeah, I’m still alive, in case you were wondering.

Have a wonderful rest of week. Until the next post!



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