In Dire Straights

Hello, everyone.

Normally i dont come here to ask for help; that’s usually reserved for Twitter and Tumblr. But i have a dilemma, one that can be fixed with your help.

Today, out power was cut off. Now, it’s mainly due to me taking time with paying off the past due balance, but ive been given some leeway: in onder to get services restored and an extension, i need to pay $132.02. I have 33 dollars, but I’ll need $100 to get the above. Ill also need to get it before the end of the business day, for there’s a fridge/freezer stocked of groceries and no way of keeping them frozen/fresh or any way to cook them (stove is electric and we’ve no charcoal for the grill)

If you can, please contributr to my link. Every bit counts; once I get the desired amount, i shall post an update.$DeDeRants

Also, please signal boost wherever and as much as possible. I could really use the help before the end of the business day.

Thank you for you help. It’s much appreciated!


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