Revelations: The Overwhelming World of Freelance

There’s something extremely overwhelming about freelancing. I’ve recently set up an account on Upwork and have browsed — and found — many great jobs that I know I’m capable of doing. My main hurdle is getting from under the Blanket of Fear and Comfortable Laziness in order to get down to business.

I could really use the money and would like to do as many jobs as possible to get said money. But the concern of not having enough samples or having creator’s blockis affecting me greatly, along with that Blanket.

I believe, however, that I’m capable of doing the work. I’ve written articles, blogs (like this one), heck, even novels (that’ve yet to be revised) before, so this isn’t new to me. If it means making up articles & press releases for fake products/people, then so be it. If I have to link to old episodes of AirportBurrito or uploading recording of my voice to SoundCloud, then I’ll do that.

I just need to do the work. That’s most important.


P.S. If you’ve clicked the link to AirportBurrito & like what you hear, let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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