New Year’s Resolution: To Have Money

Money. They say it’s the root of all evil. Yet, in order to survive, stay clean, keep warm & dry, and get food in our bellies, we need money like air & water.

An ideal life for me would be to meet some random dude at a free wine tasting, befriend him, and chat him up, only to find out upon his untimely death (which would suck because I’d imagine he’d be a cool dude) he’d left me everything. And by everything, I mean properties, cars, and billions upon billions of dollars…

(Not gonna lie, the billions is actually trillions; though it may be a while before we see an actual trillionaire, it could very well be possible in this lifetime.)

Occasionally I buy a quick pick for either Mega Millions or Powerball when I can, because I have dreams. And yes, I plan on doing a lot with potential jackpot winnings like paying off bills and debt, buying a home, a car, health insurance for myself (since my mother’s already covered) and setting up the rest of the money in trusts, as well as be generous to those in need.

The most interesting thing about having more money than one needs is the convenience of it. When you need it, you’ll have it. Managed to rack up a pricey electric bill during the holidays? You can pay it in full right away. Car broken down or having problems? You can afford to get it fixed; if it’s beyond repair, you have the money to buy a new or used one.

I say this not only due to my attempt at writing a novel about this very thing during this year’s NaNoWriMo, but because of the convenience of having so much money at hand. At the moment, while I’ve managed to keep our lights on, I’ve still gotta find a way to come up with at least $170 by Dec. 19, at the latest. Fayetteville PWC doesn’t intend to give me until the 21st to pay it, and I’ve already asked so much of you all last week, which I’m still grateful for. (If you’re feeling generous or willing to help, links are at the bottom of this post.)

I need to make as much quick cash as I can on my own, and recently opened an account on Upwork, a site where freelancers can make bids on assignments and make some money along with the possibility of establishing long-term relations with clients for future work. Only I could really use the money at least before next Friday or Monday to pay off that damn $170. And the way assignments and payment is set up…

And I’ve heard stories from friends who use the service that while they’ve managed to find great work with great clients, there are times where they’ve had to wait longer than expected to get their money from clients, if they get it at all. I understand that freelancing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; I guess I’m just… desperate.

Having seemingly unlimited funds would ease my situation. And yes, I’m aware that having said unlimited funds isn’t everything, that hard work & determination is most fulfilling, which it is.

But that damn convenience…


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