So I’ve asked for help on here before, and I’ve received it from kind internet strangers willing to help me out.

I’m gonna need help again.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when the lights went out and it was due to me falling behind on the electric bill? With your help, I was able to not only get them on but get an extension to the 16th. The morning of Dec. 16th, 2016, I will be calling them — before the lights are cut off again — asking for another extension. I asked them two weeks ago if I could get an entension to the 21st, but the extension could only go but so long, they said, and gave me the 19th should I not be able to pay on the 16th.

And while I can definitely try my luck at getting the extension extended to the 19th, it’d be awesome if I could pay on the 16th & have the peace of mind of having electricity until the 21st, when I can afford to pay the remainder of the bill, which would be current.

The past due amount I need to pay to keep the lights on until the 21st? $168.13.

Over the past week, I’ve been on Upwork trying to get work to no avail. I made the rookie mistake of accepting rewriting work for $50 by someone whose payment method wasn’t verified, and while I was efficient with the work & they liked it, I can’t hold an ongoing work relationship with a client unless they’re verified, or I’m not guaranteed pay.

I’ve been submitting proposals for data entry, blog/creative writing, proofreading/editing, and even voice talent ads. But I’ve had a few declines, and I’m running low on connects — tokens needed to submit proposals.

I’ve also created an account on Fiverr, but don’t have any bites. Not very good with the self-promo thing, am I?

However, I still have a account. No one has to give me the full amount in one sitting (unless you can & are THAT KIND, then THANK YOU SO MUCH), but every little bit counts. Signal boosting is also a big help, in that it brings attention to this post and possible help from someone who can.

So please donate whatever you can; if you can’t donate but would like to help, please signal boost this far & wide. I shall keep you all up to speed if/when I manage to make money, deducting from the amount needed & updating it. You can send funds to my Cash.Me; if you prefer PayPal, here’s the link.

Again, I wanna thank those who have helped in the past, whether it’s donating or signal boosting or BOTH. And thank you to any/everyone who can give & spead the word!

3 thoughts on “Help.

  1. I have been here so many times and it’s scary. I wish so much I could help, but I’m in a similar, jobless boat. I’ll definitely signal boost where I can, and hopefully that will help.

    I’ve not heard of Upwork, but I know Fiverr *is* a pain. I’ve had the same issue with getting tapped, and the few that do *really* like that $5 cap. If you do content generation at all, I can hook you up with a paying blog I contribute to for a rare/antique/used bookselling site… It doesn’t pay a whole lot (but still, $30 per 500+ word post, and usually you can do 2-3/mo as frequently as you like), and it won’t help in the immediate future (they cut a monthly check at the beginning of the month), but it might be a small monthly buffer for the future. Let me know through twitter (@chucksauce221) if you want the info.

    Anyhow, I really hope you can meet your goals. I know it’s stressful af, and I hate for anyone to go through it–let alone someone on my TL that I always enjoy seeing tweets from. Sending good thoughts. ❤


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