Audio/Video Transcription Services

A heads-up for followers who needs transcription services for any audio/video they have and need manuscripts for:

I’ve been doing transcription over the past month and a half. Just this afternoon, I’ve secured a gig that I’ve immediately started work on.

Now including Closed Captioning for YouTube Videos! Prices for CC will be the same as per line or 65 characters!

If you’re looking for someone to transcribe audio or video you want a manuscript for, email me at

My rates are

  • $2.20/transcribed minute
  • $0.17/65 characters

If you cannot afford the above rates, I’m willing to lower the rate per transcribed minute to $1. Let me know of your budget limitations in correspondence and we can work something out.

I take payments via PayPal, Cash.Me, and now Venmo (@dederants)!

If you could also be so kind to pass this along to others who need my services. I’d greatly appreciate it!

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