brief life update & transcription services

Hey everyone!

I’ve been so busy recently, but in a good way. Not only have I heavily worked in theater over the past couple months, but I’ve been doing freelance work.

Unfortunately, I’ve fallen into a (bit of a) pickle. However, I’m willing to work for what I need.

Moments ago, I got a text reminding me that my monthly payment for my prepaid phone was due tomorrow, July 22. Unfortunately, when I got money on Wednesday, my $40 phone bill was the one thing I forgot to pay, and I don’t have enough to cover it.

Therefore, I’m looking for work. Transcription work, specifically.

I could do transcription work on Upwork, but 1) it depends on when/whether I actually get hired, 2) many transcription jobs on Upwork don’t pay very much, and 3) upon fulfilling said jobs and getting paid, I’ve have to wait five days for that pay to clear.

If you or someone you know have audio or video that is in need of transcription, here’s a post with more information. And please be sure to boost that post for me, please. I’d greatly appreciate it.

If you’re feeling generous, here are my PayPal and Square Cash links.

Please boost this far and wide. Thank you so much!

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