About DeDeRants

It’s just me, Deannah, also known as DeDeRants on Tumblr, Twitter, and now on WordPress. Aside from sitting in front of a laptop and pounding the keys, I watch a lot of television, mostly British telly (specifically Doctor Who and Sherlock) and Korean dramas (so dramatic!). I also fantasize about dating, marrying and playing house with celebs who don’t even know I exist (much less read this blog). I also hang out with like-minded, messy (just kidding!) people.

I live with my mom, brother and his girlfriend in North Carolina, but am a native of Westchester County in New York. I acted in bit parts for student and independent films, and write fan fiction, short stories, and poetry with motivation of good music and yummy food in my spare time (which I have plenty of).

If you’d like to follow me outside of WordPress, feel free to either tweet me, hit me up on Tumblr or send me an email at deannahm03@gmail.com. Also contact me if you’d like me to contribute to your blog; there are things I like to talk about outside of my blog! Don’t be shy, but don’t be an a**hat, either. Life’s too short for that, so enjoy yourself while laughing at my life.



10 thoughts on “About DeDeRants

  1. Haha. It’s Korean dramas around the clock in my house. You’re right, they are very dramatic (unlike all the real-life Korean people I know, who tend to be like, “whatevs” about everything).


    1. LOLz! This is so true, and Korean dramas are great to watch… actually MUCH better than the soap operas we have here.


      1. Go to a Korean market if you have the chance and walk down the junk food aisle. They sell some unusual items (squid crackers, ice cream bars made from lumpy roots, candy bars with odd, fake-english names like “crunky” and “binch”).

        Nice job on the blog. Some “rant” themed blogs are just angry or contrived, but your stuff seems genuinely stream-of-consciousness and funny. Keep it up!


      2. The crazy thing about international edibles are delicious and have some interesting packaging! And thank you for the kind words; I’ve gone for way too long thinking that I had to conform to a type in order to get people to read my blog, but I’m at the point where I feel I truly have things to say, and lately, with my blog posts, I’ve just let the words flow through my fingers. That’s what writing is, isn’t it? Just being as honest as I can 🙂


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