Daily Prompt: Taper

via Daily Prompt: Taper Taper. Now what does taper mean? Could mean a recorder of events, audio or video. Or maybe an unofficial title of someone responsible for wrapping police tape around a crime scene. Could be something as simple as taping up gift wrap on presents. Sounds like it would make for a great … More Daily Prompt: Taper

Hello folks!

Just wanna send a shout-out to any new followers I’ve accumulated while having this blog, as well as those who stuck around. I really appreciate and hope you all stick around for what may be in store for the future. In the meantime, if you’re curious about me and have questions/comments, leave them in the … More Hello folks!

Well, This is a Change… | Photo Friday – August 1st, 2014

  It’s been a while since the last original post; I’ve been away long enough to recently notice a change in the Reader feed, or at least the header of the Reader feed. Making this post in the refurbished New Post page is throwing me for a loop (is that even a saying?!). It’s rather … More Well, This is a Change… | Photo Friday – August 1st, 2014

Be glad. Be good. Be brave. – Eleanor Porter It’s simple to be glad, as long as one is getting whatever they want in life. It’s simple to do good deeds while conforming to standards of those around you. It’s simple to tell someone to be brave. It’s simple to pretend to be brave, because … More