Hello folks!

Just wanna send a shout-out to any new followers I’ve accumulated while having this blog, as well as those who stuck around. I really appreciate and hope you all stick around for what may be in store for the future. In the meantime, if you’re curious about me and have questions/comments, leave them in the … More Hello folks!

Hope All Is Well

Yes, here I am, asking how you all are doing! Here’s my periodic reminder that I’m alive and well, and have been enjoying and working hard these past couple of months into 2017. I truly hope 2017 has been treating you all well so far. If not, here’s to hoping the future improves! I’ve been … More Hope All Is Well

Getting Work Done!

Got another transcription job yesterday and started/finished it today!  Feeling really good about having work and getting it done in a timely manner. Now i can get back into memorizing lines more for Fences, though I’m confident i have at least 80- to 85-percent of them committed to memory. I just wanna be prepared for … More Getting Work Done!


So I’ve asked for help on here before, and I’ve received it from kind internet strangers willing to help me out. I’m gonna need help again. Remember a couple of weeks ago, when the lights went out and it was due to me falling behind on the electric bill? With your help, I was able … More Help.

Revelations: The Overwhelming World of Freelance

There’s something extremely overwhelming about freelancing. I’ve recently set up an account on Upwork and have browsed — and found — many great jobs that I know I’m capable of doing. My main hurdle is getting from under the Blanket of Fear and Comfortable Laziness in order to get down to business. I could really … More Revelations: The Overwhelming World of Freelance

RE: In Dire Straights

UPDATE: Thanks to two lovely individuals ive received $40 so far. Will need $60 to get service cut back on and an extension. Please send any contributions to my Cash.Me link below, and be sure to signal boost this post as well as the previous one. Again, much thanks to those who’ve already contributed. DeDe