My Cave of Warmth

It’s been a while since I’ve done a writing challenge, but here’s my brief entry for Sammie Cox’s Word Prompt Challenge for the word, ‘cave’. I hope to do more of these and get back into the groove of writing. Enjoy! “I spend plenty of time in a cave, my room, the cocoon that is … More My Cave of Warmth

There’s Something to Be Said About Revisiting Dormant Blogs

Been a looooooooong while since I was last on here. Just downloaded the WordPress app back into my phone, curious as to how the app and site has changed. Other than the slight change in appearance, much of it has stayed the same. Which isn’t a bad thing. As for life in general, I’m still … More There’s Something to Be Said About Revisiting Dormant Blogs

My mind is a zoo

via Daily Prompt: Zoo My mind’s a zoo right now. All I can think about right now is how I’m gonna pay rent and bills within the next five days. All that I’ve done — filling paperwork to receive survivor’s benefits, putting in for work (freelance and otherwise), working in theater for what is actually … More My mind is a zoo

Daily Prompt: Taper

via Daily Prompt: Taper Taper. Now what does taper mean? Could mean a recorder of events, audio or video. Or maybe an unofficial title of someone responsible for wrapping police tape around a crime scene. Could be something as simple as taping up gift wrap on presents. Sounds like it would make for a great … More Daily Prompt: Taper

Daily Prompt: Distant

via Daily Prompt: Distant I’m distant from everything. Family, friends, life goals. Hell, my soul is distant at this point. My self, my personal self that I’ve been building up to since conception, is distant. I feel like my brain is distant, as well. As if I’m degenerating mentally. Could be from all the stress. … More Daily Prompt: Distant

Hope All Is Well

Yes, here I am, asking how you all are doing! Here’s my periodic reminder that I’m alive and well, and have been enjoying and working hard these past couple of months into 2017. I truly hope 2017 has been treating you all well so far. If not, here’s to hoping the future improves! I’ve been … More Hope All Is Well