Everyone’s Worst Nightmare

So I’ve had this GoFundMe campaign up for a while (it was created by someone else, a friend helping me in my time of need), and while a substantial amount has already been raised – at least $1,700 so far – I could still use more help to reach the goal.

More info is available through the link, but long story short:

Early last month, my family and I suffered a house fire. My brother and SIL we’re out of town in VA, and I was at rehearsal when the fire happened. Sadly, my mother was home when the fire happened, and she passed away.

Since then, my brother and SIL are still out of town (in NY with family) but being that I was in the middle of a show at the time, I had to stay in town as well as bounce around between the homes of friends and their families who graciously opened their doors to me, which I’m extremely grateful for.

There’s already been a memorial service for my mother, and she’s been cremated. But I’m still getting her affairs in order, which means paying off her bills. On top of that, I’m soon to move in with a friend and start adulting on my own.

While I have enough stashed in a bank account for rent and bills, that’ll only last the next couple of months. Reaching the goal of this GoFundMe will really help out until I can get stable employment.

The goal is $5,000, set when this GFM was created by someone dear to me in the theater community who continues to send me boxes of groceries when I need them.

If you can, donate and boost this link wherever and whenever you can. Every bit counts, and I can use all the help I can get.

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