Daily Prompt: Distant

via Daily Prompt: Distant

I’m distant from everything.

Family, friends, life goals. Hell, my soul is distant at this point. My self, my personal self that I’ve been building up to since conception, is distant.

I feel like my brain is distant, as well. As if I’m degenerating mentally. Could be from all the stress. Could also be my diet. At times, I can barely keep my thoughts straight, or at least when it comes to actually talking to other people.

My mind is tired. My body is tired. My soul, my spirit… exhausted. I know I have to take care of me, but I’m stuck having to take care of other people or shit falls apart. Only things are already falling apart, no matter what I do.

I want to run away, run toward my destiny. I wanna feed my soul with something new, take special care of myself. Because in the end, I’ll be by myself. That’s life. But I wanna put some distance between myself and what’s happening right now. I wanna get out.

But the places I feel I could go to seem distant as well, so there really is nowhere I can go to escape it all. And it’s no help that I’m siting here waiting for someone to save me, to help me. That’s now how it works; that’s not how ANY of this works.

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