Random Dialogue With Myself

“So, what do you think?”

“Think about what?”

“About the shoe?”

“I think it’s hideous. Who the fuck wears a shoe like that in public?”

“I would.”

“That’s because you’re batshit cray-cray.”

“What is it with you young people and your… speak?”

“You mean our language? Our language is just fine, thank you very much. You, on the other hand, make no fucking sense by wanting to wear that shoe in broad daylight.”

“You don’t understand fashion.”

“Yes, I do understand fashion, and I also understand that that piece of shit should be in the rubbish bin at once.”

“Since when did you become British?”

“Since you got me started on watching British telly.”

“Ok, you need to stop with the slang.”

“No, you CHAV!”

“Do you even know what a chav is?”

“No, but it sounds good!”


“You’re so… blah.”


Don’t mind this drabble; this is simply something I felt I needed to do to pass the time.

It sounded funny at the time…


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